10 Crazy Facts About Japan

Japan’s history is a long and complicated one, not least because of their involvement in the Second World War and subsequent emergence as a dominant technological power. Because it has such a varied history, and a culture that is certainly alien to many Westerners, there are lots of things about Japan you may not know.

#1.)    It’s an old country

The Japanese islands have been inhabited since as early as 30 000 BC. That’s a long time.

#2.)    And it’s full of old people

More than 50 000 Japanese citizens are older than 100 years.

#3.)    Jamaica me crazy

Japan seems to have a thing for Jamaica – over 80% of Jamaica’s coffee ends up in Japan, and the Asian country is the world’s largest importer of reggae music.

#4.)    Everything is on time

japan train

Image Source: wikimedia.org

The trains in Japan are the world’s most punctual, with an average delay of only 18 seconds.


#5.)    But no one is being born

There are more pets than children in Japan, and so few babies are born that the sales of adult diapers outweigh baby diapers.

#6.)    Suicide will cost you

Well, it will cost your family. The family of those who kill themselves by train are charged a disruption fee.


#7.)    But everyone does it

The leading cause of death among men between 20 and 44 is suicide.


#8.)    Godzilla, Citizen


Image Source: wikimedia.org

Godzilla is an official citizen of Japan.


#9.)    Things from the sea

popular pizza topping in Japan is squid

Image Source: wikimedia.org

The most popular pizza topping in Japan is squid, and other strange sea creatures are eaten often.


#10.)   Deodorant is rare

Stick deodorant is not available in Japan, and aerosol deodorant is rare.



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