10 Strange Reasons Why Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat

Apparently it’s a thing that Japanese women don’t get old or fat. Enough of a thing that I’m sitting here writing this, so there’s definitely some truth to it. There’s even a book and everything, “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat” written by Naomi Moriyama. So let’s investigate! Here are (hopefully) 10 reasons for Japanese women not getting old or fat.

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#1.)    A Food Utopia

A Food Utopia

One reason for Japan’s low levels of obesity is their status as a “food utopia”, where good quality ingredients meet healthy cooking, with a set of ingredients similar to the Mediterranean but with soya thrown in for good measure.

#2.)    Reduced Portions

Reduced Portions

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Another reason is the intense ritualism associated with food in Japan; the prolonged rituals for even just a cup of tea and the culture of “eat only until you are 80% full” have contributed to a culture of moderation.

#3.)    It’s Institutional

It’s Institutional

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Obesity costs lives and the government of Japan knows this. In response, they have an intense programme set up, whereby the wasitlines of adults must be below certain limits. If they are not, offenders will face fines and re-education.

#4.)    Respect the Act

respect the act

In Japan, no one is walking and eating, drinking, smoking; the act of walking is separate from everything else. The lack of walking lunches means that Japanese women are less likely to get fat or old.

#5.)    The Old Chopsticks Dilemma

The Old Chopsticks Dilemma

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Some have even contributed the low obesity and high life expectancy rates of Japan to be down to the simple act of using chopsticks. Because, I suppose, they do make you eat a hell of a lot slower.

#6.)    Human-Powered Transit

Human-Powered Transit

The Japanese spend a great deal of time walking, and this could be related to the slimness of their women. Many Japanese people get around by power walking to their destination, keeping them fit and healthy.

#7.)    Simple Food

Simple Food

Japanese cooking is typified by simple ingredients and flavours such as soy, fish, rice, vegetables and such. These staples tend towards the healthier side of things in the food world, which could also be behind the alleged overall slimness of Japanese women.

#8.)    Cup of Tea?

Cup of Tea

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Of course, there’s always everyone’s favourite: tea. Green tea forms the backbone of Japanese cuisine and it just so happens to have a great deal of health benefits. So the tea is actually making them live longer!

#9.)    The Octopus Effect

The Octopus Effect

Some food professionals put this down to a specific part of the Japanese diet, namely the regular consumption of small quantities of octopus and squid. These foods are high in taurine, which lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, which in turn increases life expectancies.

#10.) The Best Cooking is the Least Cooking


The Best Cooking is the Least Cooking

Image Source: flickr

In Japanese cooking, the best cooking is the least cooking. This means they favour techniques such as stir-frying, steaming, sauteeing, simmering and other such light cooking techniques. This is done primarily to make the natural flavours show through more.




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