9 Weird Facts about Kim Jong-un

Little is known about Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Ruler of the Democratic Republic of North Korea, dubbed by Donald Trump as a “Little Rocket Man”, even though he leads one of the most well-known nations on Earth. Born somewhere in 1982 and 1984 (exact details are unknown), Jong-un is the third child of ex-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who passed away in 2011.

Well, that’s the basics out of the way. Let’s take a look at a couple of interesting facts about Kim Jong-un.

#1.)    Kim Jong-Un May Have Gone to School in Switzerland

Once again, details are unclear. So much of Kim Jong-un’s personal life is shrouded in mystery but it is believed that the Supreme Leader attended school in the Most Neutral Country on Earth™ but, again, which school and under what name are unclear.

#2.)    A Party Boy


Image Source: flickr.com

Because no dictatorship is complete without a decadent dictator, Kim Jong-un likes to party it up. Chairman Jong-un is a big fan of Johnnie Walker whisky, which he drinks heavily, as well as Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes.

#3.)    Nevertheless, a Ruthless Ruler

Nevertheless, a Ruthless Ruler

Image Source: theblaze.com

Don’t let his boyish charm and foolhardy bluster deceive you: Kim Jong-un is a stone-cold killer. He purged his regime of many potential threats to his rule, not long after taking power. Among those executed or detained was his own uncle!

#4.)    May Have Undergone Facial Surgery

While North Korea has condemned reports of this as “unimaginable” but some pretty solid reports indicate that Kim Jong-un underwent cosmetic surgery to more closely resemble his grandfather, the Eternal Leader Kim Il-sung, possibly to appear more fatherly to his people.

#5.)    Jordan Fever

Kim Jong-un continues his eccentric streak with, apparently, a lifelong obsession with NBA star Michael Jordan. His school friends recall seeing him spend hours working on pencil drawings of the athlete. Come on and slam, welcome to the jam.

#6.)    It’s General Knowledge

It’s General Knowledge

Because Kim Jong-un is the great leader of North Korea, he must also be a general. What do you mean he has no military experience? Bah, away with you! He is clearly the best man for the job.

#7.)    Living in the Shadows

He may be the ruler of North Korea, but Kim Jong-un does not hold the highest rank in the country. That honour goes to his deceased grandfather, Kim Il-sung, the “Eternal President”. Even in death, Il-sung looms large over his grandson.

#8.)    A Youthful Presence

A Youthful Presence

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Despite the uncertainty around his birth, Kim Jong-un, being in his early 30s, is generally accepted as being the world’s youngest leader. Perhaps this is why he’s still pretty trigger happy. With our lives. *shudder*

#9.)    A Legacy of Pain

He may be young and eccentric, but Kim Jong-un continues the family tradition of terrible human rights violations. As many as 200 000 North Koreans live and work in prison camps, where up to 40% of them die of malnutrition, along with their extended families.



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