An Argument with Ferrari Started Lamborghini

There are many car enthusiasts that will argue that their car is better than the other guy’s and that this company makes better cars than that one. Most of these arguments are just that, arguments, and they don’t lead to much but there is one argument from many years ago that led to a rivalry that is still going strong today in the land of Italian supercars.


Frustrated and Insulted

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, take your pick; whose side are you on? It is said that the company famous for their exotic supercars with a raging bull for a hood emblem got its start from an argument that Ferruccio Lamborghini had with Enzo Ferrari. It started when Lamborghini, who manufactured tractors from surplus military hardware, had purchased a Ferrari that he wasn’t happy with. When he confronted Ferrari about the frustrations he was having with his car, they laughed at him and told him that HE was the problem, not the car!

A New Era in Sports Cars Begins

For a mechanical genius and Italian, this kind of answer was not only insulting but an open challenge. This insult spurred Ferruccio Lamborghini to begin building his own sports cars, without the problems associated with the Ferrari he purchased. He began designing and building a supercar with the expertise and assistance of some of Ferrari’s ex-employees. His dream of producing a sports car powerful enough to reach high speeds on the Italian motorways resulted in the creation of the Lamborghini 350GT. The rest, as they say, is history.



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