Do You Like Free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is hard to come by. Usually, you need to do something awful, like ask a staff member for assistance. I mean, why? Why can’t they just put the network password on a blackboard or something? Like at the bottom of the menu, if it’s a restaurant type place? There, there’s a great idea. You can have that one. But I digress.



Soon, this won’t be an issue. Tech giant Google (you’ve heard of them, I’m sure) will soon be supplying the whole of New York City with free Wi-Fi, and they’ll be doing it using thousands of useless, abandoned telephone booths. So you’re getting free Wi-Fi, with no extra cables or stands or anything like that! It’s perfect!

Well, it gets better. The Wi-Fi stations in these booths will also offer information about the city itself, like transport plans and times, as well as a handy place to charge up your phone if it’s running down. Google has just invented a slightly better version of the TARDIS.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’re not in New York City; they’re sure they’ll be bringing the glory of free Wi-Fi to the rest of the world not long after. So go ahead folks, and get excited! Because I am, I’m telling you now. I may have gotten so excited, I just peed my pants.



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