Drinking Cold Water on an Empty Stomach Can Boost Metabolism By 30%

Really? Cold water can help boost your metabolism? Can that be right? It is a known fact that drinking ice cold water on an empty stomach can help boost your metabolism causing you to lose more weight more effectively. It sounds too good to be true, but it is.


Recent studies have shown that the cold water makes the body work harder to re-warm itself from the inside, out. This process of warming your body burns more energy which is why your metabolism increases.

Water to Lose Weight?

weight loss

When your metabolism increases, even by a small amount, it will help trigger fat loss, nutrient absorption and a lot of other healthful benefits. The cold water can also increase your ability to exercise by increasing your stamina and endurance as much as 23%! What can that lead to? Drinking ice cold water can help get you through those tough workouts and the extra boost in your metabolism will enable your workouts to become that much more effective.

Got Water?

Imagine being able to work longer, burn more calories and lose more weight just by drinking ice cold water! Try it yourself and see if you notice and improvement in your overall health, it just takes a couple of cups of cold water and an empty stomach to see results right away.





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