Massive Lies about the Food You Eat

Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist, always keeping your eye on Monsanto and Apple and God knows what else, or not you have to admit that companies will quite happily lie to the public. And there are no worse offenders than the food industry.

Check out these massive lies the food industry tells you that you have no idea about!

#1.)   Zero Calorie Beverages

Zero Calorie Beverages

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We’re always told that calories are bad, we must always stay away from calories, avoid calories at all costs, et cetera, et cetera. And so we happily chug our Zero softdrinks, unaware of the fact that the artificial sweeteners added to these drinks can actually affect our brains, causing us to eat more! Not exactly the weight-loss trick you thought, is it?

#2.) Low Carb Alternatives

Low-Carb Cookie Sandwiches
So you’ve found the perfect alternative to junk food: a low carb energy bar or some such. Do me a favour: take a look at that list of ingredients. How many of those are things you recognise? How many of those names do you want to put into your body? Exactly.

#3.) Ingredient Pseudonyms

Ingredient Pseudonyms

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Companies are not allowed to lie on their products in terms of the list of ingredients, per se. But they get around this by being extremely literal (such as calling sugar something like “evaporated cane juice”) or by just hiding behind technobabble (calling MSG by the indecipherable “E621). It’s amazing they think they can get away with this.

#4.) Fruit Flavouring

That strawberry flavoured Vitamin Water you love chugging down so much with your healthy wrap? Lies. That’s what you’re drinking. Dirty, dirty lies. There are no actual strawberries in there, not at a single stage in the manufacturing process. It’s all “flavourings”, chemicals that replicate the taste.

#5.) Low Fat Alternatives

low fat

Sorry to tell you this, but those fat-free candy bars you like so much? They’re pretty bad for you. Fat-free foods taste like cardboard and, to combat this, manufacturers throw in a whole lot of sugar, sweeteners and other chemicals. That’s where all that lovely flavour is coming from. Too bad it’s undoing the whole “fat-free” thing.

#6.) Gluten Free Diets

gulten free

Gluten free is very in at the moment, and I’d say that more than 75% of people on a gluten free diet don’t actually have to be. This gives us two lies for the price of one: gluten free foods are often not handled correctly, often coming into contact with gluten. This makes them incredibly dangerous for people who actually have gluten intolerance. And the second lie: gluten free foods aren’t necessarily healthy. The starches used in place of gluten can often be harmful to one’s health.

#7.) Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion

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You know how every food wrapper has a section about nutritional value and then a really small thing that says how big a serving is? By making a serving size so small that a candy bar is made of two servings, companies can make it seem like there’s less sugar, fat, etc in a product than there actually is. Because who only eats half a candy bar?



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