Nine Signs That Might Indicate Kidney Malfunction

The kidneys are one of the most vital of organs: and that’s not just because of the fact that you might bleed to death if someone stabs/shoots you anywhere near your kidneys.

Jokes apart, your kidneys perform one of the most essential of bodily tasks, that of waste disposal. The wastes, mostly nitrogenous in nature if allowed to accumulate in the body, would invariably end up causing disease and in worse case death.

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So taking care of your kidneys is of the essence, especially in times of rising pollution and rising health risks thanks to changing lifestyles.

Here are nine symptoms that you should be looking out for to recognise kidney malfunction in time:

#1. Joints and lower extremities swollen:

Thanks to your malfunctioning kidneys, your body won’t be able to lose all the liquid it should. As a result the fluid in the form of “tissue fluid” accumulates near joints and in your feet.

This might hinder movement a lot, in bad cases.

#2. Parageusia/Dysgeusia:

This is a distortion of the sense of taste: specifically if you find yourself smelling metal at the back of your throat.

This is because the kidneys have failed to siphon off all the metal ions that they should be while creating urine.

These ions find their way to other organs too, like the liver and might cause other health issues.

#3. Unbearable headaches:


The kidneys are responsible for almost all of the internal Vitamin D production in the body. A deficiency of this causes a shortage of red blood cells and in extension of oxygen that reaches the brain.

As a result, one might experience headaches and migraines frequently.

#4. Sudden bouts of snoring:

This is known as sleep apnea.

In the worst cases, it might make you get up from bed and wake you up quite painfully, breathless and snorting.

On the corollary, in case you are experiencing sudden bouts of snoring which you never had before, it might be time to consult a doctor.

#5. Pain while urinating:

Most obvious sign of course. You will not only experience pain, but also burning sensations in your ureters, making it more difficult to urinate.

#6. Bad skin:

Your skin might be breaking out into hives and rashes. This is because of something simple: toxins are accumulating in your body, under your skin among other places.

This might just be the most irritating phase of your life. For once, external methods of treatment won’t help.

#7. Breathlessness:

This is because, (like in the case of headaches) most of your organs aren’t receiving enough oxygen thanks to the fact that your kidneys aren’t producing enough Vitamin D.

#8. Distraction:


Thanks to lack of oxygen, your brain won’t be able to concentrate and multitask like it does normally.
As a result you might just see your normal performance deteriorating.

#9. Puffy eyes:

This is also thanks to fluid retention, behind the eyes.

This can get really painful if not treated in time.

Learn to recognise these symptoms and get an appointment while you still can. Stay healthy.



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