She Lived In His Closet For A Year!

Fukoka, Japan. A man began to notice food disappearing from his house, and so he set up hidden cameras to try and catch the culprit. He never could have expected what they would show him!

Video evidence showed what he thought to be a burglar, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. The culprit was actually his unknown roommate, a 58 year old homeless woman named Tatsuko Horikawa.

Police discovered her after searching the house for the ‘burglar’, but finding the house locked and secure. She had moved a mattress into a compartment of the man’s closet, and was leading a clean and neat and tidy lifestyle there, coming out to forage food from his kitchen. It turned out that she had snuck into his house through the front door, one day after he had left home with the door unlocked.

No one was quite sure how she’d managed to get in and out of the house without anyone noticing.




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