Terror in the Skies: Captain Sucked Out of Airplane Window

It was a normal British Airways flight from England to Spain. Everything was going so well, until suddenly there was a loud bang in the cockpit, and the captain found himself halfway out the plane, 17 000 feet in the air. If you’ve ever had any misgivings about flying, this would probably turn you off the idea completely.

Flight attendants managed to grab onto the captain’s legs, making sure he stayed at least halfway inside the plane, but it got so cold in the cockpit that the flight attendant holding the captain got frostbite. While all this was going on, the co-pilot managed to land the plane safely, but the crew all thought their captain was dead. Boy, were they in for a surprise!

After the landing, emergency services recovered the captain, and discovered he was still alive! Frostbitten, frozen, suffering from several broken bones, sure, but alive. After getting sucked out a plane window. That’s pretty cool.




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