This Woman Replaced Her Clothes with Paint – did people notice?

Pashur House is a professional body paint artist who was recently featured on BuzzFeed taking part in a social experiment.

Image Source: demicmedia

In the video, Julie, the model stripped down and had her jeans and t-shirt replaced by body paint. The reason she volunteered was because of a painful childhood memory that haunts her and negatively affects her self-esteem. When she was in a stage production in high school and wore a leotard, her fellow pupils body shamed her for having cellulite on her thighs.

“Going outside wearing only body paint is really similar to having insecurities,” she says. “You feel naked, or you feel all these negative things about yourself that no one else sees and no one else understands. Sometimes, like you overthink things and you don’t want to do things because you’re scared of what other people are going to think.”

Using this memory as her ammunition, she charges head first into the experiment. After she is fully painted, she walks around her office to showcase the artwork to her colleagues. She is met with positive reviews and reactions from all of them. In the end, she is in tears, overcome with emotion—relief, happiness at the forefront.

“Be strong, and to not listen to what other people say. And to not let it matter so much … What matters inside is what counts the most. And that’s where your strength and your beauty comes from first.”

Using the power of art, Pashur helped Julie face her insecurities head on and potentially inspire women all around the world. By  wearing body paint she feels as though she is “taking off a shield”, allowing for love, positivity and light to be directed at her body. This is a message we can all take to heart.


Source: Youtube



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